Yup! That's what it's called. When species, that were thought extinct, are found alive.
The name implies: rising from the dead.

Now as most of you know, I love paleotology. And if I could turn back the clock a bit, this is the field I would love to be a part of.
NO! I do NOT want to search for Megalodon! But doing lab work (NOT disecting) on any Lazarus critters would be outstanding.
To find a creature that has beaten the odds, against humans, and survived is truely wonderful.
Are there many of these Lazarus critters being found? Yup! I could post their names & photos here but there are just too many. So if ya want to see them, just look up lazarus taxon species photos.
Ya just might be amazed!

So, if ya could turn back your own clocks, what field of endevor would you do?