sent a crew out to fine proof of:
Now some of you may have heard that name. It refers to a shark that supposed to have died out a few million years ago. But on April 8th, 2013, a 60' fishing boat was attacked & totally distroyed off the coast of S. Africa. No one surrived (nor found) and the boat looked like it had been bitten in half.
To make a long story short:
After research: A Humpback whale was found on a beach, in the Hawaiian chain, of 2013, with all of its back half bitten off. Seemingly in one bite.
Several photos, of a huge dark shape in the water, have been taken around the world and include dorsal & tail fins above water.
The researcher from Discovery, even chumbed the waters off S.Africa to try & attract this shark. Which they did! Their photos are dim but ya can see the outline & a few other features. They also were able to tag this shark with a tracking device but only good for depths above 5000'. This critter dove to below 6000' and was still going down before device stopped. Regular sharks don't dive that deep!
The research has also learned that these sharks are following the whale migrations.Only critters big enough to sate its hunger.
The researchers determined that the shark, they sighted, is at least 100' long and though thought to be long extinct, is very much alive and normally lives at great warmer depths. But global warming has caused the whales to shift their migration patterns and thus caused this creature to once again hunt its favorite prey.
A recent tooth, from this shark, shows that this baby is alive and well, still living in our oceans.

This is not the more recent tooth but again, it has been carbon dated at only 10,000 yrs. old. Megalodon was to have died out several million years ago. This tooth is about 9" long.

This is NOT a real photo of the shark, but it sure gives ya a good idea of its size.

The above photo is real!

It really doesn't surprise me that this critter could still be alive, cause many critters that were though to have died out millions of years ago are then found.
Needless to say, many scientists still don't agree with the research, nor their photos, done by the Discovery teams. Heck! There are still many scientists that don't believe in global warming.
If this shark does exist, the population of whales is going to drop fast and ya can bet there will be many people lost due to trying to catch or kill these sharks. At least ya won't see any being put in aquariums!
Would I like to see these sharks live if they really do exist? Yes! To be honest. But I also don't want to see the whales die either.
Catch 22!