I just discovered I have powerpoint on my PC and a darn good one at that. Seems my buddy Bob had it installed at Dell & didn't tell me. Hummm! Wonder if there is a Photoshop softwear too! That would be asking way too much for sure!
Now all I have to do is learn how to use the bloody thing. But thankfully I have a secret weapon and it's name is John. If he can drum all of it into my thick skull, without it all leaking out, I should be able to post one in about 6 mos. LOL
Also bit the bullet & became a club member on here. No idea yet what that will do for me but am sure I'll learn about that too in time.
I can see my butt will be getting square learning Powerpoint. Not to mention losing brain cells, but it will get me out of trouble when I take a break from my art work.
It was a nice surprise for sure!