who said it, or where or when, it just matters that what was said means something to each of us.
No matter what form the words are in, they strike a cord within us, & those words become something we "try" to live by.
There have been many people, throughout time, that have said words that still impact us in the 21st. century and hopefully beyond.
Those words are timeless.
Most times, the person saying those words are backed up by their own actions. And that makes those words more powerful and meaningful.
So it doesn't really matter if you forget who said it, or when, and it sure doesn't matter where that person was born or their ancestery. What matters is that you embraced those words and the feelings they envoke in you.
Sometimes those words can be funny but have a powerful reaction within you. You laugh but then say "How true!".
I was sent a Christmas E-mail this evening from Gracie. It was about a group of small children telling the story of the birth of Christ. Yup! Those kids gave their own version but did stay close to what we all have been taught. There was one boy who called the three wise men, three Amigos instead, and those words prompted this blog.
I will forever more call the three wisemen the three Amigos, cause it struck a cord within me. Nope! Not making fun of the reason for this season, just enjoying a child's view point.
And maybe we all should take out those words we live by, dust them off, and see them through fresh eyes, like the eyes of a child.