Ever since last Saturday night (late), I have been putting up with the noise from the apt. above my head. Not the kids or husband, mind you, but the wife. She has had her voice in high gear all week & usually the worst is from 11 at night till 2 in the morning. They have been fighting. She stomps around that apt. like a wild bull.
I haven't said a word to landlord about it due to the time of year it is, but now it is about to get really bad.
A friend of theirs, dropped off two young girls & they are all giggles etc. and the noise is horrid!My cats are in hiding & Geeps is barking at all the new sounds. I have a feeling those 2 gals are spending the night or longer.
The only time I get any sleep is when the wife isn't at home and the rest of time I keep TV on to drown out the sounds.
If this noise keeps up for the whole season, someone will be farting candy canes into next summer.
Patience is wearing very thin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!