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1. The car maker, Rolls Royce, uses only the finest cattle leather for it car seats etc., but did ya know they ONLY use leather from bulls? Yup! That's right. Only bull leather. Seems cow leather has too many stretch marks (from giving birth to calves). I could make a sarcastic comment here but will leave that up to you folks!
2. In a years time: The USA uses enough plastic bottles to go round the earth 180 times and over half of those bottles are for drinking water. That amount of water bottles could be wiped away if folks just drank tap water. Tap water has been proven to be just as good or better then bottled water and a heck of a lot cheaper. But if some folks still worry about tap water- just add a filter onto the water tap. As for the rest of the plastic bottles: Put em all in alum. cans & recycle.
3. A lot of packaged meat, in grocery stores in USA, gets marked down in prices if it starts to darken in color. Most folks steer clear of buying it, even at lower prices. BUT I BUY IT!!!
Reason: It is aged beef and a lot more tender. I have seen beef hung in coolers for at least 6 months & has a coating of mold over it. That beef, when mold is cut away, is worth major money!!! And served in only the best of resturants.
4. Well the facts are in folks! Those liquid hand sanitizers don't work!!! Soap is better! In fact that liquid stuff can cause more harm then good. The hand wipes are the things that work!

Now I am sure, you folks can also add a few bits to this, and please do so...
It's always nice to be informed!