about the sail boat I used to own.
Much of the dream has fallen into bits (as they often do), but a few survive and thankfully they are good bits.
Get back to dream in a minute!
"Dragonheart" was 30 feet of pure delight & I enjoyed many a day sailing her in the Chesapeake waters. She was built in Rotterdam, Holland in 1967. Her & her kin were built for the North Sea and of fiberglass that was over 2 inches thick. First fiberglass boats at the time.
I only paid $500 for her and had a lot of work, over 6 months, to get her sea worthy. Sure! I got plenty of soild advice on how to repair centain parts/areas but I got it done. Had to replace that wooden mast with an aluminum one, cause the wooden one was rotted out. She also needed new sails and an old sail maker delighted in making them for my old girl.
On her launch day, a friend sailed her with me. Cause ya see, I didn't know how to sail!
Was I a bit daft to buy & repair a boat I didn't know how to repair or sail? Even made a new wood rutter for her.
To some of you, I might have been. But all I could see was what could be!
Dragonheart was easy to learn on cause she was forgiving and I learned quick cause I had a few more grand dreams for her & I.
The grand dreams never happened! One week I sailed her down to the mouth of the Chesapeake by myself, and saw the Atlantic Ocean. I let her sails just ruffel while I gazed out at all that deep blue water. That is when I knew the real taste of fear! Two days later she was back in her berth and I was still trying to calm a racing heart.

Back to my dream:
I was sailing Dragonheart once more & it was the season for Christmas. The breeze had the sails at their fullest and tears coated my cheeks as I steered her with the wind and the joys of silence only a sailboat can deliver. I could even taste the salt spray.

I guess I needed that dream, cause I was so happy then. Been hearing/reading too much of saddess of late and even though, I woke up crying, they were happy tears.
I can only hope, that each of ya has a dream(s) that brings happiness back into your lives this season, cause I think we all need one.