During my short chat with Jenny, she & I decided, that if I ever do get to visit her, there will be no need for her to pick me up at the airport. I would be deported long before she got her car parked at airport!
In an earlier blog today, I wrote of Geeps getting into cat litter box. Jenny thought I meant that Geeps had used the litter box. So I explained it in terms she could totally understand. I had forgotten that she had just started eating her evening meal. She said so many "Oh Gods", that it's a wonder he didn't answer her.
I can be very explicit at times!
I also told her about Tootie rolls & swimming pools- Bam!!! Right over the edge she went! Of course Baby Ruth works better.
I do wish she had her video camera rolling when she went & took those photos of sunsets the other day. Not for the sunsets mind you but because of an older woman & her small dog that were there too. But I'll let her tell the story.
Iget to laughing very hard when we chat and I start to cough. In future, I will get a box of Depends & wear one of them when I chat with her again.
A good laugh was had by all and it was much needed.