We all know how wonderful it can be when the first snow lands & the world is changed.
And we also know what a pain in the a-- it can be for various reasons, but ya need to look at it from another view point too!
It's natures way of taking a much needed vacation of sorts.
Most things & lots of critters go to sleep in winter. And that blanket of snow keeps things quiet so they do get a good sleep. In spring, all that snow is a welcome drink for growing things.
That ice piles on & only the strongest survive that crushing weight. What falls in winter is food for spring!
Icy blasts take all those leaves etc. & puts them in neat piles to mulch down for natural spring fertilizer.
There was a time, not so long ago, when that dirty snow wasn't so dirty- no cars etc. fumes etc. to muck it up. Ya only really worried about "yellow" snow.
All that sand & salt, being used today is NOT good for the environment. But it is what it is and that is a shame.
I could say a whole lot more in defense of winter & snow and I am sure some of you could add to it too, but for now, just try to look at winter from another angle and ya just might see a wonderful sight.