Florida seems to be escaping (for now) the cold weather that has the USA in an icy grip!
There are several good reasons why this is happening: wind directions, Gulf Stream in Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, etc. etc. and I am not bragging, it is just a fact, tempts. will be in mid 80s today and mid 70s for weekend. It's just the way it is.
Do I wish I could send some of that warmth to others? Yup! But we all know that can't happen.
I do worry about my friends that must deal with icy conditions in USA & other countries. I know how dangerous that can be.
I told those kids, I face painted, how wonderful snow was to play in etc., but I didn't tell them of the dangers. Just like Florida is known as being the lighting capital of USA & how hurricanes love to target it (usually), it is also mostly sunny.
Every area in the world has its good & bad sides and nowhere is ideal 100% of the year.
We all know what the weather is going to be like (usually) at certain times of the years in our areas. We even know what to expect in other areas if we travel. So why do folks get so mad when planes are cancelled for weather conditions?
Sure, plans are pushed back or cancelled,but at least most airports try to make those traverlers as confortable as possible.
We can't change or stop the weather, but we sure can learn to live with it and make the best of it!