Yup! That's the sounds I woke up to this morning as I poured myself out of bed, to let Geeps outside. Ye Ole spine was complaining a wee bit this morning but soon returned to a sort of normal.
Then I started smelling something a bit unusual.
I must have slept real sound last night cause a small glass jar of sweet pickles, had hit the floor and broke, leaving sweet pickles & their juice + lots of glass, all over one corner of kitchen. Lovely sticky mess! Could have been worse- I was bare foot!
Then I noticed very tiny bits of red fur fuzz all over my bedspread. Hummm! Know where that came from!
A few days ago, my buddy Bob & his wife Janet sent my critters & I a package of critter toys & treats, and a box of chocolate truffels for me. Two of the toys are small red fake fur Christmas stockings stuffed with catnip. To say they enjoy them is an understatement.
Hence the red bits of fur all over the place.
A short trip to the loo even had its own adventures: Kitty litter & toilet paper bits were all over that small room. Yup! I was still barefoot. Ya would NOT have wanted to hear my comments on that!
So! Two hours after waking up, things are back to a form of normal- at least what is called normal around here. All critters are sound asleep, messes cleaned up, feet checked out fine (a bit bruised but fine), and I am wide awake!
I suspect, that when I am going to be away from home for more then 10 minutes, it would be wise to duct tape my critters to the ceiling! JUst a thought!!!! LOL