At 9:45 this morning, Wilma picked me up to go to Brian's church.
Ya see a few weeks ago, Brian asked me if I would donate some time at his church's winter fest, by doing facepainting on a few kids.
Now Brian has helped me out a lot in past & it is only right I try & do some nice things for him. So it was a no brainer to agree to do this.
The fest was from 10 till 2 and there were a few judged food stuff, pony rides, games, petting areas, etc. Just a nice small fun event for the locals.
I no more was set up & the kids started lining up. Brian came by several times to ask if I needed anything and outside of BBQ sauce to put on the kids, I couldn't think of anything.
I had chosen a winter theme for my designs (snow flakes, snow men, etc) and kept thinking of all you folks with your cold tempts/ice/snow etc.
BTW: Brian was the first to get a design to start it all off! Always choose a victum, for the first one, & Brian was it.
I was still was very busy at 2 & Brian had to start turning kids away. I felt bad about that but the church had to close up.

By 2:30, Wilma & I were loading up my stuff in her car & both of us were pooped. Wilma won the home made chili event (it was very good by the way). She had also brought along homemade banana bread, cinni buns, & carrot cake, to sell. She sold out & I was able to buy a loaf of banana bread before fest started.
My back took a beating but it will be fine tomorrow and the Fest was a success and that makes me glad I did my small part.

A small note:
To keep the kids sort of still while I painted their faces, I told them stories about you folks & where ya lived, histories from ya all, your pets, etc. So ya see, you all now have a following of wee kids that have never met ya nor seen where ya live, but they surare in awe about ya.