when ya just know that an acquaintance is NOT going to develop into a friendship.
It has been 3 1/2 hrs. since I returned home from Spanish class (which was fine), and a quick bite to eat at local pub (which was a horrid idea on my part) and I still am in shock.
Oh the folks at the pub were just fine (a few had had a bit too many) and over half the crowd knew me & were very happy to see me again after being away soooo long (almost a year). Lots of hugs, hand shakes, well wishes etc. (ya get the idea), but little did I know what was brewing in the mind of the person I had walked in with.
After aquiring a booth & placing an order for hamburgers, the shit hit the fan!!!

NOTE: It is rare indeed when I use the word "hate". I may say some harsh things at times when I am mad, but I still don't hate the person I directed my words at. It is just too powerful a word and emotion! And when I witness others "hating", I quickly leave area.

Well I got an ear full tonight to say the least and it was dripping with hate!
Between the bar its self, the music, and people (especially the people), the person I was with spewed her guts out. I was so embarrished even my orange socks turned red. The only thing she liked about the place was the burger.
This woman turned into a totally different person right in front of my eyes.
Then she started spouting her religious beliefs at me, which turned into proper diet, the cigs I was smoking and a whole list of things that I couldn't begin to remember.

She quickly ate her meal & wanted to leave ASAP! Fine by me, I was too stunned to argue. On the way out the door, Pat, the mother who's daughter now owns bar, grabbed my arm & asked me what in the F'in hell was wrong with that person. Seems she heard a bit of the rant! I apologised and Pat hugged me & said she wanted to see more of me but to leave that "B" behind. Told Pat she could put money in the bank on that score.

A mile later, which seemed like a 100 cause she was still ranting, I was delivered to my safe haven. I don't even remember saying goodbye to her, I was in such a rush to get inside.
Now, I know what I had witnessed earlier, cause I have seen it before but never on this scale. A multiple personality! Am I 100% sure? No! But I bet money I am right! Wouldn't surprise me if there isn't a bit of manic/depressive there too.
I had no idea this person was like this but I saw the switch happen right in front of my eyes. Shocked the crap out of me!
I feel bad for this gal, I really do, but if she doesn't have help now, she needs to get it.

Now I know this is the season for reaching out etc., but I just can't do it in this case.
I have my own issues and just can't handle that.
Please don't think too harshly of me about this, but I just can't do it.