Late afternoon yesterday, I heard a knock at my door, and the gal Susan (The Pharmist) was at the door. She was going to share my other place but her dog died and all her plans were put on hold.
Well it was a delight to see her again & she has a new rescue dog- a very happy & bouncy pitbull female. Now my Geeps does NOT care for Pitbulls, cause she was attacked by one in Calif. several years ago. But this over grown lumix was all fun time and wanted to play with Geeps so bad that Geeps was actually snapping & barking at her to stop. Susan's dog paid no mind to Geeps' complaints and kept trying to play until she wore herself out. Needless to say. Geeps & I were both glad to see that dog lay down & pant away.
Seems Susan now lives about a block away from me & wants to get to know me better. She got a part time job at local pharmacy with friends of mine, & is finding out just how nuts folks are in this town.
Susan is a fun gal, who went through a nasty divorce awhile back & just wants to start living again.
She asked me to join her on Thursday evening, at Care Center, for free Spanish classes. Groan! I agreed to go with her (only an hour) but have no desire to attempt to learn Spanish or any other language at my age. Too many brain cells are kicking off lately!
It will be fun to share time with her and get out of the house a bit.
As Geeps & I watched Susan & her dog walk away, I noticed Geeps wasn't waving!
In fact, all Geeps wanted to do was get back inside & lay down on her mat. Poor dear was all worn out too!