Well the guy showed up at 8:30 am to install another satillite dish on my roof area. This place is starting to look like NSA but in a smaller version. I can't wait to hear what the neighbors think about it all! LOL
For the 1st 3 months I get 250 channels, then 150 there after. Ya can bet I'll need plenty of wine to keep track of all this. But at least no more burpie tv.
So what channel did I head for first? BBC America of course! Ya can also bet all the animal & nature shows will get a workout too.
I told my neighbor she can now park her car in her normal spot. Her car caused my tv reception all sorts of problems till she changed locations.
I packed my tv antenna & cable away. Not going to throw it out cause ya never know what may happen.
Might want to use that long cable to strangle someone in future. N.I.S.M.!
I also can now get UK football! Might learn that game yet! LOL