I am sure all of ya know, that having a dog or cat, means a lot of responsibilities on your part including, but not limited to, a rush to a vet.
Now with a dog or cat, ya can just put them in your car or truck and off ya go & hope ya make it in time. But what about the BIGGER critters? Like horses & cows?
Ya just can't quickly toss them in the back seat for a mad dash to the local vet.!
And in a lot of cases, getting their backsides into a trailer is just NOT an option.
So what to do?
1st. Ya make that call to the vet. & hope he/she is able to hurry over.
2nd. Ya remember the knowledge ya gained from that "old timer" ya sat & listened to.
3rd. Ya stick your hands in and do your best. Use your own imagination here folks cause I would have ya having a case of the heaves if I spelled it out for ya.
4th. Ya stay with it, no matter how tired, sweaty, saddened, etc., ya get. Ya just don't give up.
5th. Hopefully the vet. arrives in time, but ya still keep doing what needs to be done. By this time, ya are way past tired and are so totally commited everything else has no meaning.
6th. If all ends well & critter is saved, ya just fall back onto the straw & plunge into sleep.
But there is a 7th.
If all doesn't go well, ya draw strength from somewhere & grab a shovel or get on a backhoe. Ya just do what ya gotta do.