Nothing simple about it really, cause it sure put my mood into a better place.
And I thank this person, with all my heart, just for being there when I needed cheering up.
No need to mention any name, the bloody sod has a big enough head! LOL

But I think we all have need for a call when we are feeling down, even if it is just to chat about nothing. Those calls are just what the doctor ordered.

When a person takes time to reach out & touch the life of another just because they care, is really nice. At least that's how I feel.
As ya all know, I like to reach out & touch, but in my case it is more like duct taping ya down so I can chew your ears off! But it's just because I care enough to want ta get to know ya better.

Nope! Nothing simple about a call from a friend, nothing simple at all.