I must say, that my Thankgiving feasts have finally let the building. Will NOT comment further on that score!
Geeps is doing fine, now that she has a nice pad to lie on. Even perkier when we go for a short walk. Watching a corgi (from rear view) run or walk is funny. She knows how to shake her bootie when she walks (I'd break a hip if I tried to walk like her).
My cats tried their best to share Geeps' new pad- They lost!
I have no idea why they even bother, they have the whole darn double bed to sprawl on.
They really learned a lesson last night: When dragon is in shower/tub, it isn't wise to run & leap behind shower curtain. Need I say more? I was lucky I didn't have tread marks all over my body as they both scrambled to get out of that tub!
Yup! I was taking a nice hot soak!
Had a nice short sprinkle of rain earlier today, just enought to tease the soil. I won't mentions the tempts. cause I want ya all as friends. LOL
The trash man cometh this morning & took away any reminders of what caused my gut to revolt. Next year I will just make myself a BLT and stay under the covers.
On Tuesday I get my DirectTV dish installed- Yeahhhh! I then can get that darn antenna out of the kitchen window & get rid of all that cable snaking through my apt.
All in all, things are settled down for the moment and Peace reigns in my little corner of the world.
Hope that is true with you folks too!