Last evening, after my nap & stomach had settled a bit, I happened to start watching Geeps sleeping on the floor. Nothing unuaual, me watching my critters sleep!
Then Geeps was shivering a bit & then awoke & tried hard to get to her feet. She then tried to take a few steps & was limping.
Note: Geeps is used to sleeping on carpets & not chilly hard floors.
I quickly got the thick pad, that I use on my porch swing, and laid it down beside my bed.
In the past, she has never liked lying on pads, but this time she made an exception.
She did the doggie thing to get a confortable spot & laid down & fell back to sleep. No more shivering either.
About 11 pm, I woke her to go out for the final time, & she jumped up & was all wiggles & smiles. Not a limp in sight. Phew!
She then spent the rest of night on that pad & if a cat got too close- a roll of the lips was enough to keep them away.
Geeps is now 9 yrs old & I guess like me, the cold affects her joints. Those short legs & long back need a bit of extra care now a days it seems.
Her & I have been together since she was 8 wks. old, & she has seen more of USA then most dogs. My side kick has always been there for me & now that roaming days are over, I'll make sure she has it comphy!