In a nut shell:
At 12:30 Brian came by with 2 T dinners. Put one in fridge & ate the other. Was full!
1:00 Missy came by & wanted me at her place for T dinner. Ate little but now stuffed!
Missy had most of her grown kids there with wives, lovers, or friends and their children. There were also her husband & mother. About 14 people in all!
Now let me add here that Missy's mom is a terror & no one wants to be around her cause she likes to start verbal fights. Missy didn't invite her but the woman lives right behind her & invited herself. The woman is 82 and always ready to target someone.
Can ya guess where this is going?
Just before the meal she zeroed in on me! I was being nice & just laughed off her comments. But guess who sat beside me at the table?
Yup! She did, and she started in on me again. Missy was seated on other side of her mom & tried to get her to shut up, but to no avail.
The woman was on a mission & she switched her comments over onto a political vein. It was bad enough with her commenting on our President but then she made comments about Gays getting married & how horrid it was-blah blah....
Poor Missy did her best to shut the woman up, as did several others at the table, but it was now my time to stop her!
And Boy! Did I ever!
Lets just say: Everyone at that table now knows I am a lesbian, (Missy & a few others already knew), and that her mother is not above God and shouldn't judge, and that no real Christian would do so. (Just a brief on what I said).
Yup! She shut her mouth and everyone else had their faces hid behind their napkins so as not to let her see them laughing.
Needless to say, my full stomach didn't like the stress I had just put on it and after dinner, I wanted to go home. Missy kept me there another hour & apologised for her mom the whole time.
When I finally got home all I wanted to do was crash! I did check on here etc. but I am wore to the bone.
If I ever have another turkey dinner it will be too soon!