Several years ago, the movie Sound of Music came out with Julie Andrews as the lead. I was captured by the whole show. I think I have seen it at least 40 times. It is a true classic.
Well, on Dec. 5th (a thursday) there is a "LIVE" tv special on NBC called: The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood as the lead.
When I first started seeing short clips of it on tv, I was scepitical about the whole thing, until I happen to see the hour long special tonight about making this live event.
I now can't wait to see the show!
Carrie Underwood is a famous country singer but she sure turned a corner in her new role in The Sound of Music. WOW! What a voice.
Then there is the production its self! Sure! It is on a sound stage but they have built a whole (several) set just like in the movie.
As ya can imagine, a live tv show could go horribly wrong at any time, but if a mistake should happen, I'll bet ya won't know it.
So if ya can, do try to see it. I think ya just might like it!