WEll I must say, this morning started off nicely!
First a lovely surprise from Mickey on Skype- too bad I couldn't chat longer.
Then Brian showed up to take me to Walmart. Bloody hell! The place was a mad house!
I saw so many cart crashes and figured I knew where most of the holiday accidents were occurring. Right here in this store!
I only needed a few things, as did Brian, but the lines to cash out were long & it took forever.
Stopped at Big Dawg deli, on way home, & when to order a BLT & was informed by Dawg owners, that they had named it the "Gale", after me. Never had a sandwich named after me before & felt honored. (I can hear the comments now).
But that's what small towns do, name stuff after ya. Could have been worse I suppose- the city dump is still nameless!
After getting home, got another Skype call from our beloved "Ocean Gem", ya know who I mean. It too was short but very nice.
Took a nap & now getting ready for the "cold blast" we are getting later. It is going to freeze the cockles off the turkey for sure! Low of 34F & high of 68F! My night shirt will be at attention in 2 spots for sure! LOL
I plan on watching football, a parade or 2, & having a turkey dinner (which will be delivered from local church). No way am I going to leave my snuggly bed except for a quick run to loo.
Chat at ya later folks and my love to all of ya. Even you -calico monkey! LOL