Sometime, in the wee morning hours, I was awakened by leg cramps. They soon went away but were not a bit fun while they lingered. When Geeps got me up at 6 am, another small bout of cramps hit again and when I finally got Geeps' butt out the door, I found out why... It turned chillier then what it has been. Not like the cold most of you folks are having but chilly to me.
A few hours later, I had a good think (don't laugh- I do think now & then) about the first signs of winter & what it does to humans. I did a bit of digging on the web & was intrigued to find all sorts of issues that folks experience at this time of year. The BIG 2 are joint aches & mood changes, but I suspect you all knew that already.
That good old sunshine & warm tempts. really do bring out the best in each of us- just like Spring brings out the best in Mother Nature.
Winter forces us into our caves, & like grumpy bears, we resent it and spread our attitudes around like snow flakes.
But! Believe it or not, we do need this down time. It is built into us just like the rest of nature. But us humans fight it and there in lies the problem(s).
So what to do?
The experts say, & I am prone to believe them, embrace Winter first of all. Now that sounds just about right in my way of think. We are a bunch of photographers after all, are we not? We make things with our hands, write, research, and most of all- enjoy each others company!
We know the ground & all the plants on it, are asleep & not in need of our care, but we all are in need of each other right now. Especially now!
Do ya get my drift here folks?