I know, I know! Some folks don't like it for various reasons, but for those of us who do- LIKE MYSELF, just why do we like/love it?
Is it the smell of it frying? The drool factor? The crispy taste? The wonderful feeling in our tummies after eating it?
Just what is there about Bacon?

Chocolate? Here again is an item that some folks just don't care for while tons of us do.
Ya walk into a candy isle or candy store, & your nose pulls you right to the chocolates!
So many types of chocolates & only so much room in our tummies! Yum!

Now we all know what eating too much of either can do, but when ya love something, ya just do it!

So I tried a bit of an experimint! I fried up a few strips of bacon, melted some nice cholocate, & then dripped the cholocate over the bacon. Let cool for a couple of minutes and bit off a piece.

I have no idea what the "out come" of this will do to my inter workings, but for now:
My mouth is in Nervana.