Here is a bit of trivia for those of you who dig downward ( you being at the top ) to find out your origins...
No matter how deep you seek your "roots" there is a very small bug that has answered many questions on our ancestural tree- The Louse!
I can almost hear the shutters bouncing around now! LOL
You see, there are 3 types of lice: Head, Pubic, and Clothing Lice and each one pinpoints events in our history.
No not wars etc. but go further back, like 1000's of years.
There was a time when we were covered in hair, from the tops of our heads to the tops of our feet and we had lice all over our bodies. They need human blood at least once a day to survive.
Climates got warmer and we started to lose hair except on certain areas of our bodies, like the head & pubic areas. Lice like to hide out in hair, so ya know what they did: They went to our hairy areas & made their homes.
Then humans started to expand their range & headed northward & furs, from other animals were used, hence clothing lice.
Head lice came first (about 100,000 yrs ago) & are also know as body lice.
Then came the great split due to us loosing most of our hair, and the the tribe of lice split and became head & pubic lice. It takes a trained eye to spot the differences in them & ya really should use a magnifier.
The clothing Louse is totally different from the other lice- mainly due to large claws to hold on with which the other types don't have.
Time frames have been given for each of these events but the body louse is the oldest and been our partner for about a 100,000 yrs.
So the next time ya hear of folks being given treatments for lice, think about this: That little louse's ancestor has been sucking our blood for years.
History lesson over.

P.S. Scrub real good in your shower tonight! LOL