Amoung other things (it is only 8:30 am) this morning, I started hearing very loud cursing, banging, etc. from upstairs and after a very few minutes, I had had enough!
Put my teeth back in, slipped on my shoes, & stormed outside!
I see a black guy, with dredlocks, on a cell phone at top of stairs, screaming into his cell phone. The white guy, who lives upstairs, was standing there with him.
I hollered out in a deep voice: "ENOUGH!"
Black guy told me where I could stick it & that really turned the tide!
My hackles where already up from earlier & I now went over he edge!
Told that s.o.b. that if he didn't tone it down I was calling the police & I meant every freakin' word of it.
He kept sayin' "Ok" "Ok "Ok" and still was using his big voice while I kept telling him to bring it down further.
Then he says: "I have a problem here."
Which I replied: "We all have problems, but at least we keep our tone down."
He then said: " Ya have to respect my feelings." (Not the thing to say to me at that moment).
Told him: "Respect was earned not freely given & to tone it down or I was making that 911 call."
He really did tone it down then & left within a few moments.

Ya can bet I will call the cops & landlord too.
Today is NOT the day to mess with a Dragon!