is not so sore today but for some darn reason, the bottom pad on my right heel is bloody sore. Sort of like a stone bruise. So I hobble from room ta room & hope I don't step on a cat.
Had a wonderful skype with Lizard earlier & we sorted out things in the world including where some humans come from. Like the folks from S. America etc. Love stuff about DNA!
My west kitchen window opens right where Ms D parks her car and today I had a bit of a start when she decided to vaccum it out with her choice of music blaring. I simply went out & said hi and she thought I was there to say something about the noise. She quickly turned down the music & apoliged. I never had to say a word about noise level.
I guess the look on my face, without my teeth in, scared the crap out of her. LOL
Not to mention I was glaring with my right eye mly closed & my left one wide open. Raised eyebrow & all! LOL
Jenny saw that look yesterday!
back to my art work & a few things to wrestle with on here.