I want to name my little adobe & I want your help (please).
I will post some pics. of this place soon. But in mean time, here is a brief discription.

My apt. is only 2 blocks from a large lake (Reedy), it is the bottom level of a two story building, It fronts on a sort of alley but I do have grass on the one side (west).
My plan is to have 2 potted palms, put out in the spring, on either side of the front door (I only have one door). I also will plant a few other southern type plants in the front area.
Right now, front of this place is REALLY bare and does need some "dressing" up.

Now you all know, I love dragons, wine, and sail boats, so try & keep that in mind when coming up with a name.

Front Of apt. That door opens into kitchen and the next window is my bedroom.

Looking west. That is the art room area on this end.

East side w/ Geeps (& Sat. dish on art room area)

Front door w/ Meme making sure I get it right!