I cut my own hair. Well at least the front part anyway.
Have gotten pretty handy at it over the years but the back of my head grows long and I have never attempted to cut it until last night. Needless to say- it is cut and I am sure glad I won't be the one looking at it.
I do get a hairdresser to cut it about twice a year if I can afford it, but decided, being that winter is sort of coming on & if I venture out, I'll have a hat on.
I did toy with the idea of getting hair clippers, when I had a few extra dollars, but other things were more needed. If I had gotten it, I would have a buzz cut for sure!
But as they say: Hair does grow back!

Like the rest of ya, I make do with what I have and find new uses for things (which can be an adventure for sure). Having helpful tips for doing things around the house or taking an object & putting it to a new use is fun.
Care to share your helpful hints?