I do not profess to be a spic & span housekeeper! Having 2 cats & a dog who like to shed in huge amounts, I sweep twice a week and dust when I can write my name on my desk. My cats love to get on kitchen counters, so I make sure I clean them off before I make anything. They also know better then get on counters or table when I am making a meal, can't abide a furball in my throat.
I do keep stuff in their assigned place, cause otherwise I'd be having a hard time moving about in this apt. (or anywhere for that matter). Also need to be able to find it later when I need it.
Even the small area, where my washing machine & tools are kept, is orderly & I sweep it. Might have a few cob webs but I leave them alone- catch bugs ya know.
I have stayed a few nights in cabins where there is a dirt floor, dust, and rickity furniture, but it was a bit of heaven cause in all other aspects it was clean, even the dirt floor was sweeped- no smelly rotten trash etc. anywhere. Even the mice, that lived in the rafters, were a blessing- all part of nature!
I will never understand why some folks can live in filth! Not only in their home but their car as well. A dumpster on wheels, so to speak. If trash falls out of car it is just left on the ground.
I guess ya can tell a lot about a person by the way they keep their place.

I know a certain landlord & his wife who are NOT going to be happy campers in the near future. I also know a certain bug spray gal ( Nicole), who will be getting a call for her services.
A bit of a rant I know, but at least my stress level is now down a bit.