Had a large cup of home made soup last night & besides tasting mostly like pepper, it also tasted a bit off in other areas. Finish the cup but didn't have another. Good thing too, cause I got stomach cramps a short time later. I have no idea what happened to the soup to cause that reaction but ya can guess, after what I then went through this morning, the whole batch is out the window! Oh well!
Been working on a painting in art room this morning while cats sit on that windowsill. A gentle breeze is warfing through & a few birds add to the pleasent setting. Then my upstairs neighbor comes home. So on goes my radio! Need I say more? Nope!

Thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. They should sit well on a tummy that is not very happy this morning.

I did my 3 loads of laundry yesterday & Dominique said I could use her clothes dryer upstairs on her screened in porch. Took a load up to do just that & changed my mind in a flash! And I do mean a flash! I won't go into details but lets just say- I wouldn't let a warf rat live in that mess.

Hope ya all are having a nice safe day!