thinks had finally quited down last night, all hell broke loose, & not upstairs.
My cats love to lay on the 6 window ledges that this apt. provides & that is fine by me. I do have the window only pushed up a bit, just so a breeze gets in, and the cats can't tear or push out the screens.
I had been to the kitchen earlier in the evening & noticed Tigs lying on the ledge of the front kitchen window. He was just soaking up the cool air & sounds of the neighbhood. All was setteling down for the night. Then the shit hit the fan!
It sounded like a dozen cats were tearing each other to pieces, what with all the growling, spitting, cussin'. Just as I ran for the kitchen, Tigs was running for the bedroom. He looked like a furball that just came out of an electric clothes dryer, he was so puffed up.
Now Tigs is a rather big cat- about 9 lbs.- and he & Meme have been know to have a tussel or two now & then, but little Meme always beats the crap out of him. So when I looked outside, to see what monster was brave enough to attack my Tigs, I almost laughted out loud.
There sat a pint sized, totally black cat, all fussed up too, and ready to beat that big orange whoose to atoms.
Geeps then joined in the mix by barking and that sent Mr. Pint running!
Took Tigs 2 hrs. to get over his fright and I am stilhuckling about it. Tigs is NOT amused!