Being able to chat with your friends, either on here, on the phone or Skype. It really sets the tone for the rest of the day.
Today it was Mickey with an add in of Ellen, yesterday it was Jenny, a few days before that it was John and again Jenny before John.
They all bring laughter into my life & for that alone I thank them.
When I read about what is going on in each of your lives, I feel like a small part of your family. No matter if your sad, ranting, happy, etc., I just feel so honored to be knowing what makes your world spin (even if ya do want to get off it at times).
I have been on other social networks before but never felt what I do on Ipernity and those who are my family on here.
The adventures you all have, in your daily lives, may not seem too much to you but they sure are to me. Some time you might wish to read your own blogs & pretend you didn't write them & you'll see what I mean. Knowing what you all look like only adds to the fun.
Maybe we'll all meet up sometime or somewhere & wouldn't that be great!
Love ya folks