Last night, to try & ignore the rats upstairs, I had a play time with my cats.
I was given a stick with feathers on one end of it & my cats love that toy.
So all 3 of us were on my bed and I proceeded to swing the stick around while the cats chased it.
Cats were having a grand time as was I until...
Tigs leaped up in the air to catch the feathered tip, did a twist in mid air and then a flip followed. Needless to say he overshot the bed and landed on the floor!
He landed on his feet and was back on the bed in a flash with a determination in his eyes to kill that stick.
I was laughing so hard I let him get it but then Meme chimmed in and took it away from Tigs.
So goes a cats play time. We all had a bit of fun and made the rough spot a bit smoother.