Last night, around 11pm, my upstairs neighbors got into a fuss that lasted until 2 am. & included door slamming & taking off in their car with all cylinders blaseing. Their crap started up again around 7 am this morning and it is still going on, only this time the 2 young children are adding their voices to the mix.
I had hoped to have a sleep in after Geeps had her morning out time, but that flew out the window. It is raining, off & on which is nice but I can't hear the rain. Watching TV is useless cause of the upstairs noise (yes! They are that loud!). And ya can bet doing art is out of the mix too.
No matter how many times the landlord (Coach Farris) has talked to these folks about the noise, they still keep it up. They promise to be good & as soon as he is gone, it's the same old same old.
So as ya can guess, my stress levels are rising a bit.
I bought another bottle of wine the other day, & had planned to drink it on a nice moon lit night & listen to night wildlife sounds. Got news for ya, I am going to crack that sucker around noon today & be snookered for the rest of the day.
Been told by Coach, they might be moving soon. It can't be soon enough for me.
Dominique is a nice gal & her 2 girls are sweet but Dominique's voice could be used to call cattle in from a far field & mix that with her husband's, when they argue, & all bets are off!
I know apt. life can be trying and I am trying folks, I really am!!!