After Geeps got me up this morning, I had the chance to watch the sunrise.
Red at night- sailor's delight. Red in morning- sailor take warning.
Well! It was a beautiful RED sunrise, so I guess many a sailor is battening down the hatches. A mackerel sky for sure! Meaning fish scales, which means rain in 24-48 hrs.
It was a red mackerel sky for sure and there were also contrails, from planes, crisscrossing it too. Quite a sight!
I completely forgot to take pics., I was so wrapped up in sky gazing. Even the cats sat looking out window with me.
I normally watch sunsets and they give me peace of mind, especially on "rough" days. But this morning's show really started my day off to a mellow mood. Much needed, I might add.
My porch swing is packed away & forelorn in the shed till Spring. I miss it's gently swaying confort. But this morning's sunrise will be the start of a new chapter.
At the other home, I could really see the sunrise till it got to be about 8 am, due to many tall trees etc. But this apt. has both east & west views and that is another plus.
I hope all of you have beautiful sunrises & sunsets today too.