At 2 am, my cats were having a fight & run fest. Scrared the crap out of me & Geeps. At 2:30 am, they had another one but after a broom chased them into bathroom & door was slammed on their butts, all was quite enough to get some more sleep. That is until my upstairs neighbor got her kids up for the day.
My landlord then showed up with a newer stove for me this morning. One of those Amana stove with the glass over the electric burners & all sorts of buttons to push. Only problem is: No instruction book for the oven part! Now I have to go online & hope to get a manual.
Things went nicely after that, then a gal (Nicole) showed up about 2 pm, to spray for pests on outside of building. She is really nice, 30 yrs. old, raises horses + various farm animals. We hit it off quite nicely and a friendship is forming. She & I chatted for 1 1/2 hrs. about critters etc. She wants me to visit her ranch of 2 acres in near future & go riding. Sounds great but my spine might protest a bit. My Geeps also has a new friend- she loves Nicole.
I can't brag about the weather today- High of 69 with high winds to make it colder.
I suspect the cats were reacting to the colder tempts. earlier.
Yup! Winter is coming....