Yesterday I got a nice surprise. My upstairs neighbor (Dominique) asked me to ride to Winter Haven with her. She dropped me off at Walmart while she went on to the meat store. After she picked me up, she then took me to the meat store. It sounds crazy I know, but she had her 11 month old with her & didn't want to go into Walmart or wait outside for me to get some wall hanging stuff etc.
About 10 pm last night, I heard Tigs growling in kitchen. I found him in the window all fussed up and growling at a real cute calico female cat, who sat on the ground just outside the window. I promptly lowered the window just enough so Tigs wouldn't tear out the screen.
Cats woke me up around 5:30 a.m. with their antics. It seems that their race course is smaller so they have to do more laps to make up for it. Grrrr!
I have been hanging up stuff with "Command" sticky hooks & Liquid nails. So far all is doing well. Thanks folks!
Landlord (Coach) was by this morning & might get me a new stove if he can't get new dials for the old one.
I want to get either decals for kitchen cabinets or paint my own designs on them. The cabinets are a dark brown & need to be lighten up a bit. Any ideas???
Coach also let me know that my upstairs neighbors may be moving soon cause the cost of driving to Bartow twice a day, to take John (Dominique's husband) to work & pick him up, is too costly for them. She needs car to take her oldest to school & pick her up during day. It's a 40 mile round trip each time! No wonder they are having a hard time meeting their rent payments.

I treated myself the other day! I ordered a new drawing board. 18"x24"! The board I was using was old & scarred & falling apart, so time to replace being that my art orders are picking up.

If the weather is nice enough this weekend, I'll take a walk to the lake & get some pics.