I won't bore you with the gory details of my move, mainly because it caused me a lot of stress at times and I sure don't want any more replays of that. Surfice to say, All 4 of us survived it and things are getting settled.
But on lighter notes of the move & new place:
Tigs & Meme rode in a covered cage to new place & their eyes were as big as saucers the whole time. They also voiced their opinion of the whole affair and, at that point, I was so glad I couldn't understand their words. Once they were allowed to get out of bathroom at apt. & everyone else was gone, they did the slinky action all over the apt. Later, when I finally crashed on an unmade bed for sleep, they snuggled up beside me- such sweet critters. The next morning they were running for cover when they heard the noises from upstairs. They are more or less used to the sounds now but still keep a sharp eye on the ceiling. When the sat. dish guy showed up to install my internet, the cats raced off & hid again. Tigs was easy to find but Meme had hid in lower kitchen cabinets & took me a few hours to find her. Their favorite places to rest now are: Bath, art, & kitchen windows. They love to play in bath tub too, mainly because it has a double shower curtain, and that creats tons of fun.
Geeps is taking it all in stride. Not much grass to scout out but she makes do and then comes inside for more doggie dreams. The ceiling noises affected her a bit too- nothing like barking to let everyone know a dog is now in residence.
As for myself, Missy came by last Saturday night & we "KILLED" bottle of wine I had saved. The only problem we had with it was choosing which corkscrew to use- I now have 3. The wine was great by the way & we both were feeling it.
Didn't take long to realize my upstairs neighbor's bedroom was right above mine. In a 2 night time period, from 3 mins. down to 2 mins. 17 sec.the very next night. Now if ya know what I mean by that, ya can also guess someone needs a refund! (Thanks for the comment Jenny).

Need a bit of advice here: The walls are solid poured concrets and no way can ya drive a nail into them nor use a drill bit to hang pictures. The walls are also very textured & bumpy, so using sticky hooks is also out of the question too.
Any ideas folks?

Personal note: It is so good to be back and I missed you all terribly. Will post a few photos soon.
Love to you all