I have moved a lot of boxes to new place and now the final few days of packing & clean up is here.
Cats are enjoying box stuffings & has it all over the living room-Groan.
Replaced screening in bedroom window & had plenty of help- cats.
Most all of art studio (tools, wood, paints, etc.) is packed up.
Have done 3 loads of wash today.
Kitchen is mostly packed but then I have to clean everything.
All the other rooms are empty except for a few items that have to wait till last.
Front porch is bare and my swing now sits in the living room waiting for its next home. Kinda looks forlorn, or maybe I am looking forlorn at it!
Just hope Corey gets the dish set up at apt. so I don't have much down time on PC.
Discovered yesterday, that there are VERY few electrical outlets in that apt. NOT GOOD!!!
If all goes as planned: My PC will shut down on Thursday afternoon and all will be cleaned up here- that is if I can keep the cats from wrecking it up. LOL