then to pull this crap!
I had put 1st load of laundry in dryer when:
Glen & Earl picked me up around 10 am, to go to Sebring, so I could buy a canvas for a painting I am going to be doing. The painting is of a Jack Russel terrier (that died) for a friend of Glen's (Her name is Terri).
So after getting canvas we stopped at the American Legion Hall so I could meet Terri. She bartends there & it is good to meet the owner of a pet-especially if pet has passed away! Pets sometimes take on owners personailities. Also wanted to ask her about her dog.
After we got settled at bar & I had chatted with Terri a bit, Glen wanted to buy me a drink. Told him I didn't drink beer. He then pointed out they also had the "hard" stuff.
Now bear in mind: It was only about 11am and I did NOT eat breakfast!!!
I asked Terri for a small tumbler w/2 ice cubes & 1 shot of Kaluha.
She then hands me a large tumbler with 4 small cubes & it looked like 4 shots of Kaluha in it.
Yup! I drank it!!!!!
An hour later, with whobbly knees, eyes that couldn't focus, not so happy tummy, & a motor mouth, we headed homeward.
Stopped for sub sandwiches (meatball), got home, ate sub, crashed on couch, & woke up 2 hrs. later.
I climbed on Ipernity, answered a few blogs, & crashed again.
At about 5pm: Got laundry out of dryer & thanked, what ever would listen, that I was sooooo glad I didn't have a hang over.
I haven't done a stunt like this since I was in my 20s!