On Tuesday morning, Wilma & I moved one load of stuff, in her small car, to new apt. & in afternoon Brian & I moved 2 loads of heavy stuff in his truck.
Ever since waking up, I have kept a close eye on my dog Geeps and she happens to be better today but still not out of the woods.
Weather has rain coming & going & tonight the air is a lot cooler.
Still have a lot of sorting & packing to do and several heavy stuff to move too. Stretching this all out over a period of 2 months, has been easier on me in some ways but a pain in buttocks in others. But at least I get rest inbetween packing etc.
Cats spend most of their time on front porch, away from the mad house. Don't blame them either.
The yard sale is this coming weekend & hope I get rid of all the stuff I have for it at a fair price.
I packed away the wine and will have it after the move & maybe have a corkscrew by then! LOL
Hope ya all are doing fine!