village idiot!

When I went shopping with Missy the other day, I decided to treat myself to a nice bottle of Moscato D'asti. It's an Italian cross between wine & champane.
So I get it home & place it in the cooler for later. So far so good!
So last night I decide to open it & have a small glass.
Please note: It is rare when I have a glass of wine.
So I cut off the silver cover & there is the cork. So I go looking for my cork screw & it is no where to be found. Then it dawns on me who used it last! One of my former roommates!
So no corkscrew!
I then go onto Amazon & order a corkscrew that is on sale along with knife sharpeners. It all shipped this morning. I am packing up a few more boxes and guess what I find? Yup! The corkscrew! But it is all bent out of shape & not useable, so I will have to wait a few more days to enjoy the wine.
But the story doesn't end here!
I got notice from Amazon that my corkscrew & 2 knife sharpeners would arrive on Oct. 21 or 23rd.
TWO knife sharpeners? How in samhill did that happen?
I don't need 2 sharpeners! Bloody hell!!!
That corkscrew can't arrive fast enough!!!!