last night about 11:45 pm. The government got their act together & saved the day at the last minute! Will this happen again in Jan. or Feb.? Possible! But at least for now, things are settling down a bit & I can stop worrying about my Social Security check etc.

I spent a great deal of time digging into this whole mess & how it started, and it is an eye opener for sure. I won't bore ya with all the details, but ya can bet your butts, things need to change & a lot of folks need to join the 21st century!

I have never been one to follow the herd and I do a lot of digging, at times, to get the facts right (if any are to be had). But even then, the facts may even be wrong. Which leads to even more digging. (Try digging for facts on long dead dinosaurs folks & ya get my drift!)
I don't mind a person standing up for what they believe but at least have an open enough mind, to change your stance, if ya find out you may just be wrong. Women do this all the time guys and that is being called flexible & accepting a truth! Facebook is loaded with folks angry about what has happened-and they should be- but we still need our government. As flawed as it is, we need it!

Just letting off a bit more stress folks!