This past weekend, a 17 yr. old senior high school girl, who happens to be an honor student, captain of her volleyball team, valedictorian of her class, does many volunteer projects and doesn't drink, got a call from her friend to pick her up at this party cause she didn't want to drive home cause she was drunk.
This party was thrown by the football team members & their dates and liquor was flowing heavily!
So this 17 year old, goes to pick up her friend, walks into the house where party was, and guess who walks in behind her? The police!
Every student there was arrested except the 17 yr. old girl, cause the police believed her & they saw her walk in & she even pasted drug test.
So what does the school, where this 17 yr. old attends?
They suspend her for 3 weeks, throws her off of Honors list, throws her off volleyball team, and makes her life missurable.
You see- the school has strict rules about liquor & drugs and will NOT change their minds about this, even though there is a huge public outcry about this.
The girl was just helping her friend to get home safe!
So what happened to the partiers? They got arrested & finded but the school didn't suspend the football members nor their dates. If they had suspended the team, there would not have been any football games at their school.
If you are shocked at this, it just happens to be what the mind set in this country is- all about sports!

After Wilma & I took stuff to my new apt., we stopped at Big Dawg Deli. The walls in this place are loaded with sports pics. from local schools. When I asked owners if they, maybe, could put up pics of kids that are Honor students, good in the Arts, etc., too, I got a bit of resistance. That is until a few customers spoke up & liked the idea & also found out the owners have a son that is lousy at sports but on Honor roll. In fact, every one agreed it was a great idea & most had Honors kids & NOT sport jocks.

This news is but a small sample of the mind set in USA!