Missy picked me up at 10 am & took me grocery shopping and while on our way to store, I related some of Jenny's Turkey adventures. Jenny now has a new fan in USA. No! I can not tell the stories like Jenny can, nor do I have the accent, but Missy got the picture BIG TIME!!!
Missy knows I don't cook (Bake a little- but very little cooking). So when I asked her about cooking ribs, she went off on all this cooking stuff that had my head spinning. So I stopped her & asked the butcher about ribs & how I wasn't a cook. She reached into the case & brought out a wrapped, already cooked, slab of seasoned ribs, that just needed to be heated up. I grabbed it, said thank you, & stuffed it in my cart. I was also told they taste great by butcher & if I didn't like them to bring them back. Hummmmm! I never knew you could return barf!
Not tried them yet but will tomorrow!
Wilma showed up at 3 pm & we took a load over to new apt.. Also told her of a few of Jenny's adventures. Wilma is now a fan too, but she used to live in London, so she filled in the blanks about the accent!
I had also got 3 plastic long covered tubs, to put sweaters in etc. & screening to fix that damn window cats tore up. Grrrr!
All in all it was a fun, busy, & tiring day and I am pooped!

My friend Brian (the pastor) will NOT be helping me till later in the week- his mom died last Thursday from COPD. When he called this morning, I knew his heart was breaking. I find it hard to say the right words at a time like this, so all I said was: "She is now in a better place."