I am reading a fiction mystery book that is based on many facts, including RV (Remote Viewing).
So my coursity was perked and I looked it up!
Yup! It is possible to view a person or place using this skill & we all have this skill to various degrees. And at some points in our lives, we use it without knowning what we are doing.
May sound strange but it is true!
Ever change your mind about doing something cause ya had a bad feeling about it? Some call this intution but it is in fact RV. You may not "see" what is causing that bad feeling but your subcouncious does.
(Please excuse misspelled words- spell check not working & I am too lazy to check the book).
If ya relax in a quiet corner and just think about someone or place, you might surprise yourself.
Look it up if ya don't believe me!
Many governments, including UK & USA, used todo research on this & though they say they don't any more- they lie!