to let go!
Ever since hurricane katrina was over and I found out my relationship, with my ex. was over too, I have had this little thought in the back of my head that kept telling me to hang on to hope. The hope that her & I might get back together.
She had given me bits of hope now & then, but each time she said or did something that crushed me to the core. But I still kept on hoping!
Yesterday was no different! I got a request from her to join her on a game on Facebook. So after 3 invites, I did.
When, after 2 hrs. of that darn game, I gave up & called to ask her about some of the ways to play the game, I soon learned she only wanted to get more players on her site so she could get more points etc.
And I must say, the bit** in me came out and she got what she has been giving me for years.
It soon turned to Sean and that is when I learned about her NOT telling him what to do any more, including staying in contact with me.
So my bit** meter went up another notch & I made the comment about: "I'll remember this if I should win Lotto."
I have finally gotten the message and no, my heart is not broken again!
First thing this morning, I rode my bike to store & bought Lotto tickets.
Two names have been scratches off my list of folks who would get money if I should win, and no, I will not inform ex. if I should win.
My buddy Bob & I talked about this, and he is very glad that I can finally bury this can of trash where it belongs. Me too!
The day has been even sunnier because of it!
Thanks for being there for me folks. I love ya all deeply for it!