My cat Tigs knows something is afoot (the move), cause he is all nervious & jerky lately.

My metal rod closet (for apt.) arrived yesterday, cause I sure don't have enough closet space at new place.

Had a nice chat with Lizard yesterday & I now know we BOTH can talk paint off the walls.
Did ya know he plays many stringed instruments? Would love to hear him play!

My buddy Bob called me yesterday and told me he figured I was about stressed out about the government & what may or may not happen to my SS check, so he told me he would cover my ass on that. Seems Bob & Janet are covering a few other asses besides mine.
These two people have been friends of mine for years and we have been there for each other on various occasions. I may have fallen asleep in a few of his university classes but I always learned the material (later). LOL
BTW- He knew I carried toothpicks to class.

I also placed an order on Amazon that was way over due. I can't believe how long it takes to ship overseas. It is in 2 packages and no telling if they arrive at same time.

I also phoned electric company to transfer services on Nov.1st and hopefully my internet service works ok at same time.

No matter what happens in this country, in the next few days, try to remember folks (across the puddle) not all Americans are wacky jackers!