about my move to new apt., when my Social Security & SSI checks may not arrive on 1st. of month- due to the US government, is not easy.
If Those D heads in D.C. don't work out something before the 17th of Oct., I and 40 million other Americans will NOT get our SS checks nor our SSI checks. Nor will we get foodstamps.

I can see it now on 5 o'clock news:
68 yr. old woman & her 2 cats & 1 dog, are now on the sidewalk due to government shutdown! Woman has very big hunting knife she plans on using on several folks in D.C. area. There will be many new balls on her Christmas tree! Stay tuned for more results!

I know full well, that there are others out there in worse shape then I. But ya can bet, if the above happens, there will be a shake up in D.C., the likes of which have NEVER happened before!